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I don’t even know how’d I be able to do a comic of this…but would you guys be interested in a series of stories? It’s called Four of Us right now, it mainly involves four automation robots who are all roommates/family in a normal home in a normal neighborhood the catch is they’re odd but also have their own issues. It’s kind funny sometimes but I’ve been working on it. Not sure to go forward with it now. :/


Tumblr I need help with something.

I can feel a bunch of red flags going up whenever my parents threaten me with some thing. Most of these threats include: being hit, kicking me out of the house, and destroying my belongings.

I’m not 100% sure if this is abusive behaviour or not. Clarification would be awesome.

And yes, it is a form of abuse. It’s physical abuse if they hit you or hurt you. But also mental abuse with everything else. It can lead to anger, sadness, worry, paranoia, feeling trapped, unhappiness, and depression. I hope you can sort if out friendo. (hugs)

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